MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for your trust


22 December

  Camping La Pineda de Salou wants to thank you for joining us during this year 2019. We wish you a good Christmas in the…


Tarragona Campsite for Groups and Events in equipped mobile homes or pitches


5 October

“In spring enjoy the services and facilities of the campsite to connect with nature”. Water equipment: Semi-Olympic outdoor pool measuring 25 x 12.5 meters, 475…


Life is more beautiful outdoors and more cheerful with vitamin “N”.


2 September

Good weather is the perfect excuse to meet with family or friends and make a different plan outdoors, such as resting or preparing a meal…


The Diada Castellera de Sant Magí, on August 19 at 12 noon in the “les Cols” square in Tarragona.


16 August

The Diada Castellera de Sant Magí, is one of the most important of the season for the Xiquets of Tarragona, La Joven de Tarragona, the…


Major summer party in La Pineda and Vila-seca


25 July

From July 25 to August 4, the main festival of Sant Jaume in La Pineda is celebrated with a series of acts that mix tradition,…


Party of pirates and corsairs in La Pineda


13 July

On the weekend of July 13 and 14, the sound and the powder of the trabucos will break, at midday, the summer rest of the…


Benefits of walking and cycling. In July 50% discount on Winora bike rental


26 June

It helps to improve and maintain our level of health. It improves the mobility of the legs, keeps the bones strong, tones the muscles and…


Games for family fun


9 April

The campsite offers its guests free of charge, in the Porch area located on the central street, different games for family fun and enjoy playing…


Come to know Tarragona’s Holy Week and take the opportunity to visit the “Casa de la Festa”.


4 March

From April 14 to April 21 there are many liturgical events in the old town Besides enjoying its pleasant climate, its beaches, and its wide…


We work in the conservation of vegetation and in the planting of new shade trees and shrubs


4 March

We are preparing the new season and working on the renovation of trees in poor condition and the planting of new trees of different species…